About FixyEtch

We are powerfully packed with 20 years of experience in the field of printing technology, production, R&D and Consultation. We have developed various innovative printing technologies and unique methods to print on the surfaces of decorative materials like tiles, marble, granite, glass and wood. Especially, in glass etching Segment, we are manufacturing fast acting etching paste which is a mixture of eco-friendly chemicals and are designed as per the international standards.

“It iswidely accepted, wholly satisfied and easy method to etch any type of glassmaterials with fewer efforts. No more struggling with sand blasting, any morefuming acids or wax boundary on glass edges. This non-hazardous glass etchingpaste definitely saves your precious health, golden time, best efforts andhard-earned money. Nothing could be easiest and cheapest than this product!!!

Glass etching is an enjoyable creative art and beautiful method of creating a master piece on the surface of glass. And it is permanent and will never fade off.


As a Business

Individuals who are creative and wantto start Glass Etching as a business with a minimum investment in handy equipmentand training, this is the best ever idea that can be implemented to makeinnovative etched glass gift articles and earn decent income.

Construction Materials

Construction products like glass windows, glass doors or whole glass entryways in homes, commercial, office and government buildings can be etched with a variety of designs, patterns and images… Got an idea!

Interior Decoration Products

Promotional products

Cabinet glass doors, table glass tops from dining tables to end tables, room glass partitions, booth partitions in restaurants, decorative glass for home, office, restaurants and many more can be etched and changed the look and feel of the interior.

Glassware like glasses, mugs, bowls, paperweights, crystal and standard glass sculptures and glass awards especially created for the purpose of recognizing achievement or expressing appreciation.

Gifts Articles

Almost any glass material available in any gift shop and departmental store can be etched with custom design and create your own pile of etched glass gifts for any special seasons and reasons.

Symbols or Signs

Etched glass sign board can be produced and fixed in mall, restaurant, hotel, office building, government building, airport interior. Etched glass signs are frequently combined with beautiful artistic designs.