Welcome to Lexy Fixy Etch

World's First Specially Formulated Glass Etching Paste

We are powerfully packed with 20 years of experience in the field of printing technology, production, R&D and Consultation. We have developed various innovative printing technologies and unique methods to print on the surfaces of decorative materials like tiles, marble, granite, glass and wood. Especially, in glass etching Segment, we are manufacturing fast acting etching paste which is a mixture of eco-friendly chemicals and are designed as per the international standards.

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Welcome to Lexy Fixy Etch

Our Customer Speaks

Technology Users

Good relationships are based on trust, mutual success and consistent value. Strong personal relationships have fueled our growth since inception of the printed tiles manufacturing unit in our region with the full support of Lexy Print Innovate. The same holds true with our strong relationship with the LEXY team!

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Technology Users

Lexy Print Innovate provides all the tools and flexibility to operate our business; the support and staff delivers all the necessary details regarding print transfer technology for SUCCESS! The support staff will stay on the phone many hours (if needed) to resolve any issue we may have. This dedication to success makes us proud to run the manufacturing unit through their successful business model.

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